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Guests enjoy the experience of making their own Pressed Penny Souvenir - each one is unique and it's a fun interactive experience!

Penny Press Grand Mosque
no penny required


Our Penny Presses come pre-loaded with pennies or cents or gold tokens ready to be pressed. The customer doesnt need to find a penny in their pocket. Oh and they dont even need their wallet they can use their phone or smartwatch too!

Penny Press Contactless
ITs included

Pennies & Tokens

Our machines can press US 1 cent coins, UK 1p coins and 5 cent Euro coins. If you cant use currency to press we can supply gold tokens!

All our machines have dispensers inside, nobody needs to have a cent or penny to use them

Handbuilt by experts

Made in Scotland

We are the manufacturers. Our patented design ensures the best quality pressed coins for your guests and 100% reliability.

Penny Press Factory

No Expenditure

We provide the Penny Press for free.

Add to your Profit

Use the opportunity to turn an empty space into profit and add to your income.

Enhance Guest Experience

Guests feel instant recognition & attraction to the Penny Press, even mentioning them on Tripadvisor!


creates appeal


draws attention


drives interaction


provides income

bangkok- thailand

Mahanakhon Tower

Thailand's highest observation deck at 314m is the home to three Penny Press machines.

Penny Press Bangkok
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa

On level 124 of the World's Tallest Tower you would find two of our Penny Presses which have been there since 2012. There are a further two on level 125 which are the highest Penny Presses in the world.

Penny Press Burj Khalifa Dubai
New Jersey - united states of america

American Dream

At the Nickelodeon Universe theme park inside the American Dream mall guests use the four penny presses operated on revenue share endlessly. Local technicians provide maintenance and credit card acceptors take payments on the four dynamic machines.

Penny Press American Dream Mall Nickelodeon Universe
Dubai - United Arab Emirates


The first Legoland in the Middle East is home to some of our Penny Press machines that press onto gold tokens and create a superb souvenir.

Dubai - united Arab Emirates


The motiongate theme park in Dubai houses a collection of Dreamworks properties including Madagascar!

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi's most visited attraction and the feature of many instagram posts the famous Grand Mosque is home to one of our most used and most elegant Penny Presses.

25 Years Experience

Over 25 years experience operating in attractions around the world.

Worldwide Operation

We own and operate Penny Presses on 4 continents around the world.

Patent Protected

Our unique design and mechanism is a registered patent.

Penny Press Dreamworks

Give your guests a Penny Press Experience they will remember

Penny Press Factory

Scotland, UK
New Jersey, USA
Dubai, UAE
Doha, Qatar
Bangkok, Thailand